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Progress in science and medicine is achieved by testing valid and logical hypothesis.  It would be a disservice to society and to students struggling in a classroom to not test those hypothesis.  Professor Armistead's application has the potential to help students that are falling behind in a crucial area of early education.  In my opinion we have the potential to be doing students a disservice by not testing the hypothesis that the application improves their educational outcomes.

Robert Shurley, Professor
Arkansas State University Mountain Home

My students struggle with the phonemic awareness skill. This program provides great practice. The pace of dDragon allows thinking time for the student to choose the correct answer. I saw growth with my struggling readers! 

This is a great app to help children with phonemic awareness. My class loved playing dDragon. The games are entertaining and hold children's attention. 

Jennie New Riley, Dyslexic Coordinator
Mountain Home Public Schools