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How it Works

Dyslexics do not associate the sounds of letters with the letter shapes. They lack phonetic awareness.

The games featured in the dDragon app work to build phonetic awareness for the reader. For example, one game isolates the first sound of the word.

If you take away the “T” in task, what are you left with? “Ask”. Alternatively, “blast” take away the “B” sound and you have what? “Last”. In another game D. says “job”. What do we have if we change the “J” to “M”? The child hears “mob” and sees a picture of a group of people.

In another game “D.” says, “wrist.” Three images appear. One is of a wrist. The voice over says “R,I,S,T”.

The child chooses the picture of the wrist, and if not, a voice says kindly, “try again” until the child chooses correctly.

One of the hardest things for children with dyslexic characteristics is rhyming. One of the dDragon games focuses on this concept. In the game, “D.” says “Trap.” The child correctly picks the picture of the rhyming word “map” as the voice over says “Map”. The voice then explains that both “Trap” and “Map” end in “Ap”. 

Through repeated play in various game levels, readers can improve their ability to associate sounds with letters.