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Learning Through Gaming For Dyslexic Children

Educating children about the alphabet and grammar with the aid of a fun interactive game.

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If you're interested in the product, please contact us.

Dyslexic Children Learning Game
dDragon Reading App

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Children who have difficulty learning to read often have trouble discriminating between the individual sounds (phonemes) that make up a word. They hear "cat" as one sound and don't recognize the individual sounds of the letters c-a-t. These children were born without pre-phonemic awareness and are often diagnosed with dyslexic traits when they reach school.

Fortunately, young minds have great neuroplasticity and children can actually develop this ability. Scientists have proven this with functional MRI scans. Students with dyslexic traits can learn to read after they first master decoding the individual sounds that make up words. It takes practice and repetition.

The dDragon educational game teaches young children how to break out the individual letter sounds, manipulating the beginning letter sound and the ending sound of words. The game is designed to be practiced approximately 15 minutes per day and is appropriate for all learners, pre-school age and older. The game is great for any child who wants to get a jump on their reading skills, and even benefits students with hearing problems and those on the autism spectrum. The dDragon game is available as an app for download on mobile devices, which makes learning through gaming fun!